Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sorry, The First International Trip Will Have to Wait

two man show, Matt Costa and Robert Bryn (Bronco)


I am just so excited about this event folks. Its our first art exhibition in our series of monthly exhibitions and we are starting with a bang. Matt will be showing a collection of his found photo's and knowing Matt he's coming up with some really insane material. Rob will be actualizing a long time dream of mine by showing his complete fiber art sculpture collection in addition to a group of drawings that sound like they're going to sell out fast, so you better get there quick.
The art show starts at 7.

Combined with this is Bobby Bronco Birthday Party extravaganza

At 10 the live music starts with The New York Jerks, a great surf band followed by

DJs will include Will Frye and Bob
DJ JAH Potus (guess who this is)
and Noah Gershman for late night Dance Hall

7-10 art exhibition
10- party

We will be selling beer cheap to raise money for the space, but of course you're welcome to bring whatever you like.
In fact, things to bring:
and the sun.

This is going to be a really special event folks, I hope you can join us.


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Yah that was fun!