Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Behind the Scenes

Fun shoot with Stephanie and Kalim in the studio.




Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Permanant Vacation

Support the economy! Support your friends! Shop from home!!!

Hi Friends,
As a follow up to our last art show and a beginning of the Holidays we have my good friend, Kalim Armstrong's awesome framed prints for sale.

Killin Me
installed in The Mary Meyer Art House

Killing Me Softly
installed in The Mary Meyer Art House

Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany

Tell me a story
Tell Me A Story

Outside Rome, Italy
Outside Rome, Italy

Framed photographs: 16'' x 9'' $100
Unframed photographs: 17" x 11" $80

Click this link to look at all available pictures:
Rad Photos

For sales, contact Kalim Armstrong: kalim@vacationland.biz

P.S. Stay tuned for pictures from the recent photoshoot at the Mary Meyer Art House, upcoming art shows, Holiday sample sales, online sample sales, limited edition prints and the next party, which will be in April (you'll have to try hard to keep your socks on people)

We Find The Beach


Monday, June 23, 2008




The time has come for the next party. Its very very exciting, and thats right, these boys are back and ready to show you how its done.

Mary Meyer's Art House Presents, Two Tickets to Paradise, Photographs by Kalim Armstrong and Martin Categena. Kalim will also be screening two of his documentaries: How Rasputin Can Change Your Life and A Field Guide To A New England Life. In addition to all that, Dante's Fried Chicken will be in full effect for the beginning followed by, you guessed, extreme dancing. I hope to see you all and I can't wait to figure out WHAT I"M GONNA WEAR!!!

Total Freedom. Total Love. Total Joy.


Costa Lots
Costa Lots

Round Designs
Round Designs

Lobster and Face Off McDraw
The Lobster and Face Off McGraw

Jesse Vala

Beachin It
The Street

Sample sale turned BBQ turned dance party
Anthony Mathile

Sample sale turned BBQ turned dance party
Mary Meyer

Kansas City Book of The Dead, at The Mary Meyer Art House

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have a really exciting event for you planned for this Saturday the 10th! Consistent with the theme of life around here lately, its going to be quite combination of strange and beautiful things....

Starting at 2 pm, I'm hosting a sample sale for Round Designs and Matt Costa Sunglasses. This will be kind of a slow release sale, no doubt involving prosecco and fruit. It’s really exciting for me because it will be Lila's first sample sale in Brooklyn and I know all of you admire her stuff when I wear it. It's also exciting because this is Matt launching his sunglasses, and he has such an amazing eye and sensibility for this, the work he's doing is just incredible, I can’t wait for you all to see it!!
And of course I’ll have a rack of summer deals out for you…

Starting around 4, we will slowly transition into:
ALL AMERICAN BBQ!!!! 2008!!!!!
Ben is coming from philly and making baked beans. We want hot dogs, handburgers, potato salad, cole slaw and bud. This is all american baby. This is classic. This is Mary Meyer BBQ. This is summer beginning.

THEN at 8 pm I am so pleased to be hosting a mysterious and no doubt RAD piece of performance art called Kansas City Book of the Dead with Michael Mason and Cole Wimpee, directed by Matthew Hancock.

Kansas City Book of the Dead from miariddle on Vimeo.

All in all I think its going to be a super rad and beautiful time and I hope to see you all there.

neil and me

Freedom Forever

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What an Event!

Friends, thank you.

Bryn Family Plaid
Robert Bryn
Thank you so much for making such an amazing event possible. I just couldn't believe the positivity, grace and joy of Saturday night. It was a truly awesome start to a project which I foresee a being a lovely beacon for our community.
Amelia set us up a flickr pool and I am so excited to see different people's pictures so if you took pictures or movies PLEASE go and join our flickr pool and post your pictures: http://www.flickr.com/groups/marymeyersarthouse/

Ladies Squared
Lauren White and Mary Meyer

Personal shout-outs are due and the first one is for:

Amelia Davis, for so much hard work including beautifying the space, driving Bonkie around, installing and lighting much of the show and CLEANING so much, including puke on the kitchen sink.
John Hoppin for his help and support in planning, promoting and also for being an installation piece in the gallery event. The Cat Burglar in the corner
Zack Attack for being Cliff Martin and selling out the keg before midnight
Matt Costa for his hard work and faith in me
Robert Bryn for being born
Will Frye and Bob for their awesome music and setting up the sound and being all around great
Noah Gershman for being the greatest friend and saving my life
Katie Robbins for purchasing art from me via text message from China! What a lady.
Drugs Weekly, everyone buy it and submit to it drugsweekly@gmail.com

Citrus Coast

Stay tuned for Michael Mason doing a performance on May 3rd and the Round Designs + Matt Costa Sunglasses sample sale on May 10th.

The Family
Sammy Sosa, Lila, The Deal, EA, Toaster and Becks
The King


Will The Great

Drawings, Robert Bryn

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sorry, The First International Trip Will Have to Wait

two man show, Matt Costa and Robert Bryn (Bronco)


I am just so excited about this event folks. Its our first art exhibition in our series of monthly exhibitions and we are starting with a bang. Matt will be showing a collection of his found photo's and knowing Matt he's coming up with some really insane material. Rob will be actualizing a long time dream of mine by showing his complete fiber art sculpture collection in addition to a group of drawings that sound like they're going to sell out fast, so you better get there quick.
The art show starts at 7.

Combined with this is Bobby Bronco Birthday Party extravaganza

At 10 the live music starts with The New York Jerks, a great surf band followed by

DJs will include Will Frye and Bob
DJ JAH Potus (guess who this is)
and Noah Gershman for late night Dance Hall

7-10 art exhibition
10- party

We will be selling beer cheap to raise money for the space, but of course you're welcome to bring whatever you like.
In fact, things to bring:
and the sun.

This is going to be a really special event folks, I hope you can join us.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Inaugural Event! Rob Bronco and Noah Gershman, Reading 3.12.08


Wow! What a beautiful event Wednesday night was. It was so great and I want to thank everyone who came. Rob and Noah were polar opposite forces talking about the same thing. And the panel discussion was awesome, thanks to how awesome everyone was who was there. It truly exceeded our expectations and was rad.