Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What an Event!

Friends, thank you.

Bryn Family Plaid
Robert Bryn
Thank you so much for making such an amazing event possible. I just couldn't believe the positivity, grace and joy of Saturday night. It was a truly awesome start to a project which I foresee a being a lovely beacon for our community.
Amelia set us up a flickr pool and I am so excited to see different people's pictures so if you took pictures or movies PLEASE go and join our flickr pool and post your pictures: http://www.flickr.com/groups/marymeyersarthouse/

Ladies Squared
Lauren White and Mary Meyer

Personal shout-outs are due and the first one is for:

Amelia Davis, for so much hard work including beautifying the space, driving Bonkie around, installing and lighting much of the show and CLEANING so much, including puke on the kitchen sink.
John Hoppin for his help and support in planning, promoting and also for being an installation piece in the gallery event. The Cat Burglar in the corner
Zack Attack for being Cliff Martin and selling out the keg before midnight
Matt Costa for his hard work and faith in me
Robert Bryn for being born
Will Frye and Bob for their awesome music and setting up the sound and being all around great
Noah Gershman for being the greatest friend and saving my life
Katie Robbins for purchasing art from me via text message from China! What a lady.
Drugs Weekly, everyone buy it and submit to it drugsweekly@gmail.com

Citrus Coast

Stay tuned for Michael Mason doing a performance on May 3rd and the Round Designs + Matt Costa Sunglasses sample sale on May 10th.

The Family
Sammy Sosa, Lila, The Deal, EA, Toaster and Becks
The King


Will The Great

Drawings, Robert Bryn

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